As we all continue to observe social distancing and navigate the realities of the Coronavirus pandemic, we at Debranski & Associates, like many other businesses, have pivoted quickly to be able to continue to offer our services while respecting the health and safety of our clients. We are open for business, ready to provide a wide variety of legal services for people in the North Metro Atlanta area. Here are a few things to keep in mind when reaching out to us for matters concerning family law, personal injury, estate planning, insurance settlements, and much more while quarantining during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Most of our services can easily be performed from a distance.

That means conducting meetings via phone or video conference or communicating electronically with our clients or officers of the court. We can easily be contacted via a number of methods – online forms, phone, email, messages on our social media channels like Facebook and Twitter – and can message any relevant documentation. We pride ourselves on offering a personal touch in dealing with our clients, even if safety precautions prevent us from holding face-to-face meetings.

The courts may be closed, but the law remains in place

It’s a confusing time to be navigating the law – almost all government offices and court buildings are physically closed to the public, but that doesn’t mean that the US legal system is on vacation. Depending on your situation, there are some court deadlines that may need to be maintained, and documents and motions that can still be submitted to the court. In addition, while most in-person court proceedings are temporarily suspended, plenty of work can still be done in preparation for when quarantine has been lifted and court sessions may continue. You don’t want to try to navigate all of this by yourself, though. Reach out to us and we’ll be able to help with any new or ongoing business that can be handled while we’re all staying safe in our homes.

Some legal proceedings have to be done in person, even now

While there are many documents and contracts that can be executed with a simple signature (and thus can be sent via fax or scanned PDF), some require a witness and must be notarized in person. These can include custody and guardianship agreements, articles of incorporation, trusts, and wills among many others.

In the event that you require one of these types of documents to be prepared and filed, we’ve gone to great lengths to create a safe and sanitary environment for processing your documents. We’ve set aside one of our conference rooms specifically for this purpose, performing deep cleans and sanitization between each use and providing plenty of hand sanitizer a hand washing area to preserve the safety of our clients and our associates. You can be assured, if you have to pay our office a visit we’ll have done everything in our power to provide an environment that’s safe for you and the people around you.

Stay safe out there, and know that in spite of the current situation with the Coronavirus we’re ready to assist you with whatever legal services you require. Feel free to reach out today – we’re here to help.