As we discussed, we added a company from China, Qingdao KIng Farmer Co. Ltd., to the lawsuit as the manufacturer of the defective canoe cart.  Suing a foreign company requires service of process through the processes set forth in the Hague Convention.  This is no easy task.  In fact it was slow and painstaking. We first had to determine where in China Qingdao was. Then we had to translate the case into the proper Chinese language and amend the complaint adding the translation. Then we had to send the service package to the Chinese Central Authority and wait.  We waited a long time.

In the meantime, I had email discussions with somebody who purported to be a principal of Qingdao. They refused to cooperate.

Eventually, after several attempts, we got Qindgao served in Hong Kong through their version of a registered agent. Qingdao never filed an answer.

At the default hearing, the judge awarded Hank a total of $7,280,000.00. The judge commented that it was as if Qingdao was thumbing their nose at the US legal system. We are in the process of attempting to collect the judgment. Amazon has been silent on the issue.

In the US we believe we have certain protections against harmful products. It appears that we do not have protections against products made in China.