Hank just wanted a Sunday boat ride on the river behind his house in northeast Alabama after an afternoon of chores. He grabbed the canoe cart he’d just bought through Amazon.com to help get his canoe to the river. Hank was disappointed to see that the tires mounted on plastic rims were both flat. He grabbed his air compressor but the tire valve was at such an awkward angle, the air chuck wouldn’t go on. One cotter pin and Hank had the tire off.
Hank held the tire against his stomach to hold the valve and air the tire. Hank immediately heard a “Bang” and realized the tire exploded The force from the rim exploding almost knocked him off his feet. The sound was deafening. A large piece of the shattered plastic wheel launched into Hank’s abdomen like a shot.
Soon Hank was being life-flighted to a hospital fighting for his life. The surgeon saved Hank’s life but the damage was done.