Personal Injury




You were just in a crash that was another driver’s fault. They damaged your vehicle and you and your loved ones are injured and in pain. You need legal representation now! Don’t let the insurance companies dictate your treatment and compensation. Call us at 770-926-1957 and we will take you case from there until we get you what you deserve through settlement or jury verdict at trial. We handle accident cases on a contingent fee basis which means no money out of your pocket and we don’t get paid until we get you paid. Email




Sometimes professionals make mistakes. We handle these cases on a contingent fee or hybrid contingent fee basis to get you compensated either through settlement, mediation, or trial.




When someone’s negligence causes or contributes to someone’s death, the estate and family has a case for wrongful death. Also handled on a contingent fee basis to get you the compensation the law allows.

Two Million Dollar $2,000,000 verdict each for children of a murder victim in Kennesaw, Cobb County, GA plus a house for Wrongful Death on July 9, 2018.



19+ years of successful litigation and trial experience to get clients compensated. Although most cases settle before trial, we prepare every case as if we are going to try it to a jury. This preparation generally motivates the insurance companies to settle early to get you compensated either directly or at a mediation. However, if they don’t settle, we will take your case to trial and get the judge or jury to decide how much compensation you deserve.

Won a bench trial for personal injuries from an auto accident for twice what we demanded from the insurance company.

Recently won a jury trial for a client that involved intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment at gunpoint related to a business dispute.